Adding Fertilizer to Your Lawn Could Be Dinner Bell for Fungal Diseases

Large Patch (Photo by Kent Faddis)
Pleasant spring weather is a siren song for people who love their lawns.  When the weather is beautiful, you might think, "it's a perfect day to get out the spreader and add fertilizer." It's not a good idea.

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Early Arrival of True Armyworms Could Be Bad News for Crop Producers

The true armyworms are marching in and tall fescue, wheat and corn are their objective.

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Spring Pruning: Subtraction with a Plus

Photo by Keith Syvinski
Trees, hedges, and bushes...when spring comes the impulse is to hand out haircuts.

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Summer Garden Superstars: Warm Season Vegetables

Warm season vegetables are usually planted after the danger of spring frost is past. Don't let the name of the group fool you. There is some variation to temperature sensitivity between different plants. For example, tomatoes can tolerate cooler temperatures than peppers or eggplant. As a group, they tend to grow deeper roots and so have varying degrees of drought tolerance.

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Make Taxes Less Taxing

Photo by Matt Aiello
Income tax preparation means navigating the twists and eddies of Internal Revenue Service Language such as earned income tax credit, married - filing jointly, W-2s, child and dependent care tax credit, education tax breaks and a morass of other terms and designations that can leave the average head swimming.

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February/March Temperatures More Lamb than Lion

Photo by Jody Stuart
Severe storms, plants emerging early from their winter sleep, and windy days are all the result of this year's mild transition from winter to spring.

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Cool Season Vegetables - The Spirit of Spring

Photo by Michaela Kobyakov
The time for starting cool season vegetables is at hand. The nutritious vegetables are easy to grow, and for the most part, can survive the lower temperatures of the winter-to-spring transition.

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