Mistletoe - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Hanging mistletoe over the doorway is a tradition associated with Christmas around the world. Well, this hemi-parasitic plant dates back much farther than Christianity and Christmas. Photo by Stephanie Berghaeuser.

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Poinsettia - The Myth That Will Not Die

The poinsettia, a native of Mexico, is a much-maligned plant.  Every holiday there are those who will warn that the poinsettia is highly toxic.  It's a reputation that isn't deserved, and one that this colorful, Christmas plant can't shake. Photo by D. Pfleiderer

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Holiday Weight Gain is Slight, But May Last a Lifetime

The feasting season is full of calorie rich goodies like eggnog, cakes, cookies, pies and candy.  With all these delicious tidbits within reach it's easy to believe that we add a lot of pounds during the winter holidays.  Well, there's good news, and there's bad news. Photo by Mike Lorenzo

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Use It or Lose It - Strength Training Vital for Healthy Aging

It's said that aging is not for the faint of heart. It's also not great for couch potatoes. To avoid becoming weak and frail as you age, you need to break out the weights and put your muscles to work. Photo by: Roger Meissen

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