Stay Safe While Stringing Holiday Lights

Photo by Rachel Kirk
It's time for holiday lights.  Stringing multicolored bulbs, placing Santa and his sleigh in the right spot and turning trees into a delight for the eyes all require a very common, household tool: the ladder.  Problem is the ladder's simplicity can make you forget that for every tool it's safety first.  Use a ladder the wrong way and instead of waiting for a visit from St. Nick, you'll be visiting a nearby emergency room.

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Midwest Winter Outlook - Cold and Snow

Photo by Martyn E. Jones
Mid-to-northern Missouri, most of Illinois and all of Iowa could get a good share of cold and snow this winter. Southern Missouri might see more ice than snow.  The southwestern U.S. and Florida should see a mild winter. What's driving these winter predictions? It's a La Nina phenomenon in the equatorial Pacific Ocean.  During a La Nina event, sea-surface temperatures are below normal, and this produces volatile weather patterns for the Midwest and the Northeast.

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Improved Turkey Feed - Could Save Industry Big Bucks

Photo by Gargi Bhuyan
Profit for turkey producers is very narrow.  So, any savings that can be reaped has a huge impact on the industry.  A University of Missouri animal scientist has designed the perfect turkey diet which allows the birds to put on weight, but at a lower cost.

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