Desktop Dining - Not Necessarily the Best Way to Have a Healthy Lunch

Thousands of Americans do it everyday. What? Eat lunch at their desk. But is it a safe and healthy way to have your midday meal? Photo by Adriana Cal

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Bananas - A Nutrition Powerhouse in One Small Package

What's yellow, sweet, full of good-for-you nutrients, and the most popular fruit in the U.S....bananas. They're so popular that, on average, every American eats about 28-pounds of bananas each year. Photo by Stephen Davies

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Landscaping is a Good Investment

You might think that landscaping your home will just make it look pretty, but it can actually save you money and increase the value of your home.

The Secret to a Green Thumb - Soil Testing

Knowing the nutrient content and pH of your soil is the key to gardening success.  You can't just look at your soil and know what it needs. You have to have it tested.

A Hot Meal for Your Family is As Easy as Dusting off the Crock Pot

Most households have a crock pot, but rarely use them for more than nacho dip or chili. Well, a crock pot is a great way for your family to enjoy wonderful meals all year round.  But, successful cooking in a crock pot takes a special knack.