Would Corn By Any Other NameTaste As Sweet?

Too much rain, and lower than normal temperatures, may have delayed the home gardener from planting sweet corn so far this year.  But, this isn't, necessarily, a bad thing.  The delay will give you time to think about trying some new varieties, and may give you a very sweet surprise.


Cicadas Set to Invade, But Not Quietly

Photo by Bruce Barrett

The 13-year periodical cicadas are about to dig themselves out of the ground. They were last seen in 1998. After a very long hiatus, they're going to do what the birds and bees ... and cicadas do; create the next generation. This is a rare event that occurs only in North America, but don't worry, you won't miss it.

The difference between a healthy lawn and a sick one is just a few inches

Photo by Roger Meissen

This year's wet spring is creating mowing challenges for home owners. Wet or not, grass needs mowing.  Good mowing practices will keep your lawn healthy and looking good. Poor practices will leave your lawn with weeds, disease risk, and drought stress later in the year.

In the photo, Brad Fresenburg measures from the ground to the bottom of the cutting blade because factory adjustments can be inaccurate. Experts suggest that homeowners adjust mowers to cut grass at a height between 3 and 4 inches.